Based in Bend, Oregon,  Cascade Ski Furniture was created to build one of a kind ski chairs from recycling skis into lasting memories and ultimately giving the skis one more run.  We are a local small business and aim to create a product of quality craftsmanship, comfort, and durability.  We have the products Bendites want and available in beautiful Central Oregon.   The skis on the chairs tell a story, and the people who skied on them will surely have a story to tell. We here all the time, “We use to ski on those, I remember when we were 15 year-old’s and….”. I love hearing the stories and I love what I do too re-create those memories for people so they don’t become a lost memory.  I aim to recycle skis into furniture and accessories so they do not become a distant memory but one to keep forever.  

If you have a specific ski but don’t see it listed in our current products, simply ask. I have a large supply of skis and will gladly build a custom chair. We love building chairs with your own collection of skis, just ask for pricing.   

If you don't live in Bend but would like our chairs shipped to your location, contact us for shipping prices! 



Cascade Ski Furniture

1805 Bear Creek Road, Bend, Oregon 97702, United States