Based in Bend, Oregon,  Cascade Ski Furniture was created to build one of a kind ski chairs from recycling skis into lasting memories and ultimately giving the skis one more run.  I am a local small business and aim to create a product of quality craftsmanship, comfort, and durability.  I have the products Bendites want with one-of-a-kind products available in beautiful Central Oregon.   The skis on the chairs tell a story, and the people who skied on them will surely have a story to tell. We here all the time, “We use to ski on those, I remember when we were 15 year-old’s and….”. I love hearing the stories and I love what I do too re-create those memories for people so they don’t become a lost memory.  I aim to recycle skis into furniture and accessories so they do not become a distant memory but one to keep forever.  

If you have a specific ski but don’t see it listed in our current products, simply ask. I have a large supply of skis and will gladly build a custom chair. We love building chairs with your own collection of skis, just ask for pricing.   

I am a local growing up in Portland, Oregon skiing on Mt Hood since the young age of 4 and later between Bachelor and Meadows  since the early 80's.  I moved to Bend in 1993 to become a ski bum and attend college (so my parents thought), moved too Oahu, Hawaii for a year, and later returning too Eugene and graduating from the UofO. I returned home to Bend as a full-time resident in 2002.  I have worked for the past 15 years with my mom selling wholesale sewing patterns and at my family's property management business, in Portland.  It wasn't till one day my boyfriend at the time saw a ski chair and asked, where would we get skis? I instantly said my garage because I have almost every ski of my parents and mine except my brother became a snowboarder.   In a short moment and without any explanation that is how Cascade Ski Furniture started.  I then started collecting skis from anywhere and everywhere I could get them.  I was always on a mission to gather skis and am always today looking for skis.  I love what I do and I love meeting people.  Cheers


New products are coming soon!



Cascade Ski Furniture

1407 NW Cumberland